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Port to Port MTB Race Club Discount Offer

Port to Port MTB Race Club Discount Offer
Discount applies for registrations received by the 28/02/2018

Port to Port MTB – 4 Day Mountain Bike Stage Race – 24-27 May 2018 – Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Hunter Valley


Click here to register after you get your club code

Keen to ride Port to Port MTB 24-27 May and help the club? To celebrate the 5th year, Port to Port MTB is offering 5% discount for you and a 5% cashback for the club. Sign up for the 4 day event before 28 Feb using our club code (which will be emailed to all current members).

Port to Port MTB is 4 days of awesome trails through state forests, wine country, hinterland, national parks, coastline and mountain bike parks in the spectacular Hunter Valley and Newcastle region. There’s nothing too technical but it will keep your attention, with new terrain and scenery every day. It’s achievable for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and MTB skills.

At the end of each day kick back and enjoy the excellent food, local beers (or wine) and everything the Hunter Valley and Newcastle have to offer.

Keep an eye on the P2P website(www.porttoportmtb.com), Facebook(@porttoportmtb), or Instagram (@porttoportmtb) pages for 2018 race updates as they happen.

Get the club code then register here – www.porttoportmtb.com/registration


Parklands Club and Rookie Ride Summary – 14/01/2018

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Parklands Club and Rookie Ride Summary – 14/01/2018
36ºC and I had them climbing over rocks and uphills but these rookies were still happy!

So how hot was Sunday at your place? It was bloody hot at Parklands! 36°C to be exact. Now most normal people would stay at home in the air conditioning, go to the beach or get some of those handy suppositories you can keep in the freezer. But not us, no way! We went for a bike ride – heat stroke be damned!!

Now it wasn’t just the two groups of Bushrangers keen for a ride this day, the Radar Hill road carpark was overflowing with all the riders hitting the black track early while it was still cooler. The regular club ride started off from the Aitkenson Road side with Alf “Putting the A in ABBA” Cerwen and the rookie ride group started from the Radar Hill Road side led by me.

The Club Ride

Club Ride – Ride map and elevation

Alf lead his 20+ riders on a challenging 20km route up Double Dab then through Cancer Tree and Road Rage. They then rode the new green and black trails and then back across the park to the cars. The heat and humidity definitely made things tougher (“especially for the Europeans” Alf said). But everyone had enough water and kept in the shade. Lou had a tumble off the Hobbit bridge in Cancer Tree but came out fine. Word is some crazy bugger on this ride is training for a 6000km self-supported endurance ride – I’ll find out more and let everyone know the details – sounds pretty interesting.

Thanks for leading the ride Alf and I’m sorry to hear that no-one wanted to listen to your excellent jokes. I’m sure they were comedy gold and politically correct as always.

The Rookie Ride

Rookie Ride – Ride map and elevation

The Rookie ride started with 13 riders (which then grew to 17 as we discovered more riders on our journey). Before we started I gave everyone a brief pep talk with 3 rules – check your bikes, drink water and don’t die. Everyone excelled in these tasks beautifully – nice work Team Rookie!

We rode from the carpark to the beginning of the green loop and everyone road the loop at their own pace for a bit until we regrouped back at the container. We then went down Road Rage and up and around the Gumby Loop. Ended up being a perfect 10km and 2 hrs by the time we got back to the car and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Thanks to John, Dave and Nick for being tail-end charlie for me. I hope everyone had fun and I’ll see you again next weekend for another rookie ride.

Yours truly,

Michael “It’s OK, we have a 10% loss policy on group rides” Johns
Club Secretary


New jerseys are ready to go!

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New jerseys are ready to go!

Today is a special day at Bushrangers HQ! The 18-month consultation/design/redesign/redesign/redesign/approval process has finally been completed and we are now ready to sell the new jerseys!

There are two styles of jersey available in two unique colours – Culvert Slime Green and Chain Gunk Black.

  • There is the men and women’s ‘roadie’ style jersey with short sleeves, full zip and pockets in the back.
  • There is the unisex ‘enduro’ style jersey with short, 3/4 and long sleeve options (women may need to use the junior sizes).

The order gets processed at the end of each month so jump on and order your’s at https://www.blackchrome.com.au/cycling/bushrangers-mtb/

For sizing just follow the instructions on the product page when you order.


Watch out for the Parkrunners on Saturdays

Watch out for the Parkrunners on Saturdays
Remember to give way to trail runners

Give way to pedestrians and horses

Each Saturday morning one of the hardest Parkrun events in Australia happens in Parklands which is pretty awesome!

At 7am a heap of runners and walkers will move along the fire road parallel to the new black track for a few minutes as they commence their 5km loop through the park.

For these few minutes there is a potential risk of collision between a rider and a runner if:

  1. a rider flies out of the black or green tracks at speed;
  2. a rider rides back up the fire road in amongst the runners/walkers.

However there is a clear line of sight for riders and runners so there should be ample time for a rider to slow down, stop for a rest and allow the runners to pass through safely.

Please let new riders and visitors know that hikers, trail runners and horses use the fire roads and we need to give way to them.