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Parkies Ride Report… (luckily) without Hangovers

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Yesterdays Parklands Post Xmas Party Ride started with a solid turn out of riders including new member Jeremy and visitor Grant from North Brisbane, great to see such enthusiasm early on a Sunday Morning.

The whole crew was quite fresh considering the jelly shots at the party seemed 9.5 parts vodka and 0.5 part jelly (just enough jelly to give the vodka some colour)… But with nobody overdoing it, we turned up bright and early for the ride with no complaints for the sweat-box that we were about to endure.

MASSIVE thanks to John and Tanya for opening their awesome home on the water in Mountain Creek – what a perfect place to gather with a bunch of (well-behaved) mates.

We all set out through Rookie Road track into the skills area where the crew did a fast-hot lap of Lush to warm up, this is a great track for new and old to hone their skills and Strava times in cornering and line choice with few obstacles to dodge.

 The group then split into two with the fasties carving up and down Road Rage where the humidity certainly had the post party drinks being sweated out profusely, on Anger Management track several riders took the challenging “A” line dodging some unexpected obstacles to survive.  Continuing along the Gumby loop to enjoy the Shady cool forest of CT track before the ascending the infamous climbing track S’s of Rock and Roll.

 We were followed closely by Toby’s group at a slightly slower pace,  Al took  them on a detour to enjoy the trails between Gumby loop and CCC, heading through Ct track must have been a faster pace as  there was a comment that Amanda’s face was the lovely colour of her pink gloves. While they headed off for a quick dash down vanderloop and heading into the meadows assisting  Jason and Lou in their trail orientation, they headed back down Spare Parts to the car park.

 From here the Fasties  decision was unanimous to test everyone’s metal on the steep sections  of Rock a Dial down toward Phoenix, with lots of grins from Jeremy and Grant. Paul then suggested the climb up to the top of Radar hill for a long descent, no one was game to protest in case we up set the yellow “Kona” gods.

On the way up Double Dab Johnny’s bottom bracket seized in protest sending him on a long walk/roll back to the carpark bike. Continuing on up to a high point fire trail then bombing down to the bottom of phoenix, up Roo valley, NZ and down Rock it Man then Ho Chi Ho where Adam and Grant looked for extra Kudos doing Jumping and  Ant (in other words we lost them).

The hot start was followed with a cool change with riders forgetting about the early challenges in the day.

Coffee and Chocolate solved nearly all the first world problems at the Forest Glen Bakery. Great ride with a super group.

Alternate Rookie Ride Report – Ewen Maddock Dam

We’re alternating the Rookie Rides between Parklands and Ewen Maddock Dam, with the aim of providing a gentler ride option for newbies or those that want a calmer pace….

Thanks to those that attended this week!

This ride was undulating and an easy 30 kilometres and fortunately perfect weather.

We had a new member Kira (apologies if spelt incorrectly) with a beautiful new Norco dual suspension. I’d also like to thank Teresa for her kind letter of thanks, she looked to be enjoying herself on her new striking blue Merida!

No crashes, everyone seemed to be having a good time, it was the kind of ride where you could do a lot of talking while riding. 

This Coming Weekend:

Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday in Gympie at Victory heights tracks 6:30am for a 6:45am ride off.


2019 AGM Report – from the new President

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The Bushrangers AGM was held on 30/11/19 with a core of enthusiastic attendees having very positive and constructive input into the future year ahead.

Items presented and discussed as follows.

Secretary report: Emma has done an amazing job throughout the year keeping the wheels of the club rolling.  Emma gave an overview of the club’s major activities, skills training, Sunshine coast council Grant partnership, QPWS interaction, Social Media update. Emma  has been a pivotal member of the committee in the past year, learning the roll of club secretary with the ease of a new derailleur keeping the club in the right gear.    

Treasures report: Financial position and standing, club audit. Great job and big thanks to Luke for the past year, much appreciate. Thanks to Katie for doing the 2018/19 audit.

Vice President: Adam gave a very informative report on the recent member/non-member survey, this helps the committee guide the club direction for the members. Adam has also engaged a new Bushrangers web site design to launch the club into the new year and beyond. Great job Adam.

Women’s Advocacy: Presented by the ever-enthusiastic Suzy giving an insite into the exciting previous and future years activities, fantastic increased growth in membership and participation. Go Girls is a massive credit to Suzy and her ride leaders keeping the balance and diversity in the club.

Trails officer Report: Presented by the unstoppable John on trail care days (next one is 18/1/2020), adopt a trail, facilities and new parklands signage. Keep your eye on the web site for trail care dates. Credit to John on the many rides lead by john throughout the year.

Social Committee: Presented by the dynamic trio Kerrie, Tania and Amanda, the team have promised to organise up to 4 adventurous away trips including the brilliant Hidden vale trails when things cool down. Looking forward to Quarterly post ride BBQ’s at Parkies 😊 keep your eye on the calendar.

Ride Coordinator: Toby the most supportive, encouraging ride leader to new and old members has done a fantastic job keeping the variety and diversity of rides for all members. This is a pivotal roll and largely what the club is about.

New Members Services: Alan has done brilliant job in attracting new members with his well-planned entry-level trail selection, this is critical in inviting new members and introducing them to our trail networks. In addition, up skilling people with organised training helping them to reach their safe full potential. Looking forward to the new year’s rides listed on the calendar.

Elected 2020 committee members.

President: Miles Porteous (new)

Vice President: Adam King

Secretary: Emma McCormack

Treasure: Kerry Clausen (new).

Members Services Alan Marsden

Women’s Advocacy: Suzy Hume

Trails Officer: John Searston

Social Co-ordinators: Tania Marks, Amanda Porteous, Kerrie Pascoe

Ride Co-ordinator: Ian (Toby) Reavely

The club is looking forward to another great year of riding across the amazing selection of trails on offer throughout South East Queensland ranging from Hinterland Rainforests, Stunning Beaches, Old School single tracks, formed flowing trails and cross-country endless fire trails. One of the best ways to learn an experience some these hidden treasures is to join the Original Bushrangers MTB club and share the knowledge with likeminded people. If anyone has a great ride they would like to share with the club feel free to make contact.

Looking forward to seeing you out on the tracks.

Safe riding, Keep the wheels rolling.

Miles Porteous ( President)


MTBA Members Vote to Amalgamate with AusCycling

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If you didn’t know, the MTBA was looking to amalgamate with AusCycling – a new organisation set up to consolidate all sporting discipline to the one single entity.

Mountain biking, cycling and bmx will be covered with the one membership.

On 30 November 89% of members voted in support of the change. You can read about it over here on the MTBA website.

It is expected to bring a raft of benefits – consolidating insurance and for those that participate in multiple disciplines, then you’ll only need one membership.

Don’t expect to see anything immediate, except our club jerseys will have a new logo so keep an eye out for a promo coming soon for a cheap one 🙂

In the meantime, keep riding!


Launching Summer at Wooroi – with new ride time and a new President!

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What a turn-out, with 22 at Wooroi for the first ride of the summer.  

The earlier start time (trialling 6.30am for summer) didn’t seem to worry anyone, although Linden did seem a bit rough early – bad bottle apparently (could have happened to anyone!)…

John “the only dude who woo-hooo’s on the flat trails” Searston took off with the fast-ish group.

And after zig-zagging up, down and through Wooroi, he went rogue and took us over through the forest and up the Demoraliser track.  Straight up the steepest hill within cooee on a fire road. And demoralise us it did, although Miles “mono” Porteous (aka The President) wasn’t fazed as he pulled off this manoeuvre at the top…

The forest out here really is beautiful and worth a visit, with a few very gnarly and steep down trails it was great fun.

Toby lead the rest of us to enjoy the great trails Wooroi offers.

Riding bloodwood proved a challenge for our newest member with a technical issue which unfortunately could not be resolved.

While some enjoyed the challenges of a daydream, a couple of us ensured Therese made it safely back to her car.

The rest of us had a bible session (see below, very exciting).

We then took off for a coffee and a chat at Doonan feeling enlightened.


Parklands trail care event

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Parklands trail care event
Love your trails

Hello All.

I am happy to announce that we will be having a trail care afternoon on Saturday the 6th of July from 1 pm (meet at the Radar hill road car park). We have work to do installing posts and hopefully some new signs at the Cancer tree/Tazer/Blue tongue intersection and the 4-ways intersection near the waterfall. We will also attend to some of the drainage issues as we make our way around.

Will post more details soon but any help will be most appreciated.

Will Newton